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A Rule

Written by one of our poetry writers, Revika Sangamita, and edited by Stephanie O., our editor-in-chief!

I made a rule

That everytime my blood wants to escape these veins 

Everytime my muscles ache preparing to be torn apart

Everytime my skin forgets to be a skin for this body

When each of my heartbeat feels like a shooting nail 

hammered straight into my being

When the old scars start to bleed like new ones

I'll leave everything I'm holding

And pick myself up. 

I'll cross my arms over my chest

And kiss everything that hurts.


This piece was edited by one of our writers, Revika Sangamita. You can find her on Instagram @revikasangamita or via email at!

This piece was edited by our editor-in-chief, Stephanie O.

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