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Consent to Use

Written by blog staff editor Carina Kohn and edited by our editor-in-chief Stephanie O.!

from Apple iOS 13 and iPadOS Software Licensing Agreement

What are the permitted 

uses and restrictions of—

What is consent to use 

the word memory maps 


License me, person to 

person agree,

enable Discretion, 


otherwise infringe or violate

to the maximum extent 

permitted by applicable law.

If you fail to comply with any 

terms, with any terms, 

you should contact. No oral 

or written information or 

advice given or preinstalled. 

You should contact. Privacy 

requires some attention. 

License does not grant you 

any rights to use nor does it 

guarantee that such content 

will continue to be available 

to you. You agree to use.

You acknowledge many features.

You are agreeing to be bound 

by the terms of you may not, 

you may, of local laws, at your 

own risk. For more information,

please consult the User. Software

may be used to reproduce 

so long as such use 

is limited to reproduction.

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