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Girl Forbid

Written by blog staff editor Carina Kohn and edited by our editor-in-chief Stephanie O.!

Today I’m listening to what you call girl music.

I flower girl pedal to the metal 

in my Nissan Girl Gone Rogue to girl guitar

class—college level with finger-grabbing 

girl bar chords on the girl fretboard. 

Today girl leaves throw themselves 

from orange trees and trail the road behind me as

if fire from my little-girl-down-the-aisle basket is

tearing up the street under tired girl wheels. 

Today I’m listening to what you call girl music

in your boy way. You can’t hear a thing 

outside my girl car except the bitch pitch pop

and that’s enough. I park in my girl spot 

in the girl lot and click onto girl ground. 

Decadent decay all around me, in a girly way.

Today after class at the corner girl bar 

on Main Girl St., I get dizzygritty on girl vodka

with cranberry cocktail, girl cherry stem, and

gosh, it’s too girly in the A.M. to be doing tongue! 

In truth we aren’t girl and boy but newly minted

twenties, which really means I pedal my woman car

to your man house in Queens to woman rehearse. I

woman touch the steering wheel I have yet to lower

to my womanchest which would prevent 

my woman airbag from hitting me in my woman face

and crack my woman nose, Girl Forbid, no, not today. 

Today I’m in a woman band with you and three other men.

But it’s not a woman band to you or to them. It’s only

everything I touch, for a while.

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