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Past Lives

Written by Lelja, one of our poetry and film writers, and edited by Greg, one of our editors!

More often than not I lose myself in the depth of the what ifs.

What if this person was the love of my life and I couldn’t recognize it? What if I tried a little bit more, would we still be together?

What if I chose the wrong person?

What if we are meant to be?

Little moments, coincidences that feel like a miracle that makes us believe we are meant to be. 

The characters in “Past Lives” are honest depictions of pure painful insecurities. 

They bring questions and they shatter the idea of the perfect love story. 

Who am I in relation to you? 

Do you love me or our circumstances?

Are we married because it made sense or do we believe in it?

Is love enough?

What does love mean to you?

“Past Lives” is a quiet reflection of everything we are afraid of when giving our heart to another person.


It takes 8 live times of brushing coats and looking at each other before finally finding the right soulmate. 

One of eight I guess.

I thought I would leave the film with dread seeing these fears play in front of me. 

I was calm instead. 

Love is whatever I want it to be. Whatever I want it to signify with whomever.

Love is time.

It’s always worth loving with honesty, you never know how many lifetimes there are left. 

"Past Lives" blesses us with poetry, love framed with New York City in the background. 

Uses tropes and paints music with it.


This piece was written by one of our poetry and film writers, Lelja. Reach her at on Instagram!

This piece was edited by one of our editors, Greg! Reach him at @Gtomaini on Instagram and Twitter!

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