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Written by one of our poetry writers, Revika Sangamita, and edited by Greg, one of our editors!

Rethink with your ink, dear  

Sitting in the room of faulty thoughts

City of flowers welcomes you today

Dreamers delight shows you the way

Death awaits in distance witnessing 

Your blessed powers, the floral, 

The pastel, the hazel and the space 

All over surrounds you and within you.

Rethink on that blink, honey

Let the sunshine bear you, silly

Hundreds of millions and millions

Come by and only the few stay

You live in your enchanting home 

Oh no, don't treat it as a rent

Exchange the petals of love & love

On the edge of the portico of all hearts.


This piece was edited by one of our writers, Revika Sangamita. You can find her on Instagram @revikasangamita or via email at!

This piece was edited by one of our editors, Greg! Reach him at @Gtomaini on Instagram and Twitter!

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