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Tower-tall Barriers & Fragrant Skies

Written by Cailey Tin, one of our poetry writers, and edited by Stephanie, our editor-in-chief!

The day you shut me out, my lungs had

already adapted. It was like you drowned me 

in mud, & all I could see was the dirt

up my nose. You told me when the walls

were fully built & wouldn’t collapse, I could 

pack all my things & before leaving, I would

be able to breathe normally & climb whatever

was waiting outside. I would feel no pain. But it 

every wall you built was tower-tall; I’m angry 

until it has nowhere to get down from. The day 

you shut me out, it was like I flew above the 

walls. You said the clouds would look a little

pinker, & my ribs would be filled with a fragrant, 

strawberry scent. Is this what fragrance smells

like? Every breath, the sweet air of defiance? 


This piece was written by one of our poetry columnists, Cailey. Reach her at @cailey.tarriane on Instagram!

This piece was edited by our editor-in-chief, Stephanie O.!

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